Passion for thoroughbreds
and horseman as a vocation

Philipp Graf Stauffenberg is the founder and manager of  STAUFFENBERG BLOODSTOCK. He has a special bond  with thoroughbreds and values them as very sensitive,  incredibly intelligent animals and extremely willing athletes. 

Philipp turned his lifelong love for horses into a profession and his admiration for thoroughbreds led him to becoming not only a professional in the industry, but also a private breeder. Through STAUFFENBERG BLOODSTOCK he provides all aspects of thoroughbred breeding and racing services to help his clients to acquire, breed, race and sell outstanding thoroughbreds.

He perceives himself as a "developer" of thoroughbred athletes and it fills him with pride to see “his products” to fulfill their final targets and winning races around the world. Living in and with the nature, acting on a strong intuition for the potential of individual horses and the thrill of turning them into top athletes, make this job a true vocation for him.

He has been active in leading positions at various stud farms since 1985, founded STAUFFENBERG BLOODSTOCK in 1994 and took on stud farm SCHLOSSGUT ITLINGEN in 1999. Together with his wife Marion, he breeds and races thoroughbreds under the name GRAF UND GRÄFIN STAUFFENBERG.