Lucrative investments
and the thrill of sales

To witness a horse walk into the sales ring,  
hear bidders overturning at the potential of the horse,  
and finally witness the hammer coming down,  
is an indescribable thrill.

STAUFFENBERG BLOODSTOCK has set up different 
ways to invest into bloodstock.

The Pinhooking Syndicate buys foals at various foal sales at an age of 6 – 9 months in  
November/December, and sells them at the main yearling sales in Europe, the following
year between August and October.

The Filly Syndicate buys fillies out of training at the relevant sales in November/December,
mates them with a suitable stallion in the following spring and sells them again 
in November/December of the following year.

The Mare Syndicate buys either fillies out of training or mares carrying their first foal at the sales
in November/December. They will be kept and mated each of the following two years and their 
offspring sold as foals or yearlings. The mares will finally be sold in the third year.

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