Individual preparation and 
high turn-out of horses

Pedigrees, the individual physique and the character 
of thoroughbreds are basics for the success of horses.
The sales preparation process however brings out the 
true value of the horse and reveals it to potential 
buyers at the sales.

We prepare horses for sales consignments on our own stud farm
SCHLOSSGUT ITLINGEN. This ensures the individual assessment 
of and approach to every thoroughbred entrusted to us.

We like to give the yearlings a steady build-up to the sales, so ideally we start 
preparing 8-10 weeks before the sales. To provide a life close to nature, the horses 
are kept outside as much as possible. The colts are kept in single paddocks, whilst the
fillies are kept in small groups. Each horse receives individual and tailored care from
our highly experienced staff. Extensive hand walking, working them in the horse walker and
longing build up their muscles and show-practice enables them to present themselves in the
best possible manner at the sales.

Our offer is complemented by consultation on which sales auction the horses' potential
lives up to, so that it may achieve the best sales price possible.

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